Infratek provides ongoing support and assistance to ensure your Thermography program is achieving the outcomes you require.

We can be contacted at any time on 0439 773 888 or email [email protected] if we can assist you.  

There may be occasions where you require support, service or camera calibration direct from FLIR.


Calibration and General service package for FLIR IR Camera

All FLIR service centres are certified according to ISO 9001 and our temperature reference standards are traceable to the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) or the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

FLIR service technicians make the adjustments needed to ensure that correct measurement functions are loaded into each camera. Such adjustments are performed with proprietary software that is not available to 3rd party calibration laboratories. The goal is to improve measurement accuracy, as well as to ensure that it meets manufacturing specifications.

FLIR’s exclusive Calibration and General service Package offers a meticulous Inspection and Calibration program. Sending your FLIR infrared camera for annual maintenance and calibration will help you ensure its high performance, while proving traceability for your reports and inspections.

The Calibration and general service package covers:

  • A complete operational check.
  • Calibrating and aligning thermal and visual cameras for MSX®, when applicable.
  • Verifying all internal cable and PCB connections.
  • Cleaning the viewfinder and checking optics.
  • Upgrading internal camera software to latest revisions.
  • Performing minor repairs.
  • Verifying and/or re-equalizing temperature ranges for image uniformity.
  • Verifying standard lens calibration (others or special engineered lenses; optional).
  • Verifying ambient temperature compensation, as needed.
  • Recalibrating to ensure the camera meets factory specification.
  • Calibrating temperature ranges up to 1,500°C, when applicable.
  • Performing quality approved acceptance test procedure.
  • Providing calibration label with next due date.
  • Inclusion of calibration certificate and report.


Technical support portal

The service email box – [email protected] will soon be phased out. All requests for RMAs and technical support will be handled through support tickets created via technical support portal. The URL for the portal is

RMA requests

RMA requests can now be submitted though an online form instead of pdf or MS Word based forms. Navigate to and then go to Service tab. Scroll down to the section for Australia & Oceania and you can find the hyperlinks to request for a new RMA or to contact service.

Technical support requests

All technical support requests (e.g.: software installation problems, activation, license management etc) should be directed to the technical support team. Please navigate to and then go to ‘Ask a question’ under the technical support tab. Make sure you select the right product from the dropdown list on the page.