FLIR E95-24 Advanced Thermal Camera w/MSX 464×348 Resolution/30Hz and Single 24° Lens with 4 HOURS TRAINING

$15,295.00 ex. GST

The FLIR E95 offers the great features of the E75 and E85, plus 161,472 points of temperature measurement (464 x 348 true native resolution) and wide temperature ranges, up to 1500°C. The E95 has a superior spot-size ratio and is sensitive enough to detect minute temperature differences. Extra features include a higher 1500 degree temperature range and time lapse scanning.

FREE Delivery and full ONSITE Camera training (3.0 hours) by Infratek for all FLIR E95 Advanced Infrared Camera Orders (add travel costs if outside Melbourne Metro Area)

Can also be ordered with 14 deg or 42 deg lens / lenses which are interchangeable