FLIR E53-24 Advanced Thermal Camera w/MSX 240×180 Resolution/9Hz and FIXED Single 24° Lens with includes FREE 2 HOURS Training and FREE CAR CHARGER cable

$7,599.00 ex. GST

The FLIR E53 is the latest model in the popular EXX range. With its 240×180 pixel resolution on a large 4″ screen you can detect building and electrical faults quickly and easily. The E53 has many of the on screen tools of the higher level EXX cameras including 3 temperature spots, one touch level/span and image file directory naming.

FREE Delivery and full ONSITE Camera training (1.5 hours) by Infratek for all FLIR E53 Advanced Infrared Camera Orders (add travel costs if outside Melbourne Metro Area)

The FLIR E53 Camera can be ordered with either a single 14deg (telephoto), single 24deg (Standard) or single 42deg (wide angle) FIXED lens but they are NOT interchangeable