Comparison Guide

FLIR Cx Pocket Series

The FLIR Pocket C3 and C5 are handy toolbox cameras for troubleshooting problems and faults.
These cameras have a very wide 54-degree lens, and as such, will experience 20% to 30% lower performance than the E5-XT.
Basic start-up training included.

Image taken by C3

FLIR Ex Entry Series

The FLIR Ex series are entry level cameras. These cameras have a wide 45-degree lens to suit flood restoration, plumbing, and building. Also suited to electrical. Infratek can help you choose the camera and reporting format that best suits your application. Up to 2 hours start-up training included.

Image taken by E8-XT

FLIR Exx Advanced Series

The advanced series, the FLIR Exx cameras have an exceptional image quality on a large 4” screen. They also add powerful features like voice recording, file directory naming and one touch level span. Infratek provides 2½ to 5 hours start up training on these cameras at no charge.

Image taken by E54

FLIR T Professional Series

The FLIR T series are similar to the advanced Exx series, except that they add a rotating lens and viewfinder to help you make your scanning easier. Infratek provides 4 to 6 hours start up training on these cameras at NO CHARGE to ensure you can use EVERY feature on your new camera.

Image taken by T840-14


Infratek Startup training is provided on product delivery, either onsite in Melbourne or via remote web/phone if interstate.

This training is at NO CHARGE and customised for every customer with a camera purchased through Infratek. This enables you to use the advanced features of your new infrared camera from day 1.

As the FLIR courses can have a 3-6 month waiting period this avoids the need to wait for training.

…or attend an industry specific course in Melbourne:

Industry specific courses run by Infratek in 2021:
These cover Infrared theory, applications, all camera settings and techniques.
We also cover advanced reporting methods in detail to best suit your industry.

Prices (incl. gst) start at $799 for 1 attendee or $599 pp for 2 or more attendees. Infratek customers can attend any of these industry courses for $199 per person (any number of attendees) who have purchased an infrared camera from Infratek.


FLIR Half Day Course

FLIR “half day” course is a 4 hour general course to give you a broad understanding of Infrared theory. It is run quarterly by FLIR in most states (or by Infratek in Melbourne as required). 

  • $399 (incl. gst) per person.
  • Contact us for a package price to attend. 
  • Customers who upgrade to an E6xt, E8xt or EXX series can attend the FLIR course ‘free of charge’.

FLIR Infrared Cameras
(Effective 1st Feb. 2021)
FLIR LIST PRICE 2021 (all prices ex gst) Infratek Camera Startup Training incl. with EVERY camera delivery Sensitivity
(lower is better)
Infrared Detector Pixels Lens
Single pixel size at 1m distance
Object Size
3 pixel required at 1m distance
FLIR ONE Pro                
FLIR One Pro
(choose over LT 80×60)
$575 ex gst Yes 30 mins. <70mk 160×120 55 deg wide 7mm approx 21mm approx Good pixel # but washed out image, no HOT tracker, wide angle, 1hr batt
FLIR CX                
FLIR C3-X *NEW 2021* $795ex gst Yes 45 mins <70mk 128×96 55 deg wide 7.9mm 24mm Temp Spot with BOX (max/min) but ultra-wide 54 deg lens angle, 300C
FLIR C5 $1,195ex gst Yes 60 mins <70mk 160×120 54 deg wide 7mm 21mm Hot/Cold tracking but ultra-wide 54 deg angle, adds notation, 400C
FLIR EX                
(choose over FLIR E4)
$2,150ex gst Yes 1.0 hour <100mk 160×120 45 deg wide 5.2mm 16mm Provides improved image over C5, isotherms and wifi phone reporting
FLIR E6XT $3,150ex gst Yes 1.5 hrs <60mk 240×180 45 deg wide 3.4mm 10mm Adds OVER twice pixels than E5XT and better sensitivity 0.06, 550C
FLIR E8XT $4,695ex gst Yes 2.0 hrs <50mk 320×240 45 deg wide 2.6mm 8mm Adds nearly twice pixels than E6XT and better sensitivity 0.05, 550C
FLIR EXX Advanced                
FLIR E54 *NEW 2021* $7,999ex gst Yes 2.5 hrs <40mk 320×240 24 deg FIXED 1.31mm 3.9mm Larger 4 screen, voice recording, and file naming, one touch level-span 650C
FLIR E76 *NEW 2021* $10,999 ex gst Yes 3.0 hrs <30-40mk 320×240 14,24 or 42 deg 1.31mm 3.9mm Adds autofocus & optional wide or tele lens attachment (opt 1000C)
FLIR E86 *NEW 2021* $15,999 ex gst Yes 4.0 hrs <30-40mk 464×348 14,24 or 42 deg 0.90mm 2.7mm Adds more pixels and multiple temp spots, 1500C
FLIR E96 *NEW 2021* $17,499 ex gst Yes 5.0 hrs <30-40mk 640×480 14,24 or 42deg 0.68mm 2.1mm Adds more pixels HIGH RESOLUTION, Smaller Spot size 1500C, 1-8x zoom
FLIR T Professional                
FLIR T530 $15,995 ex gst Yes 4.0 hrs <30-40mk 320×240 14,24 or 42deg 1.31mm 3.9mm Adds Rotating lens, similar to E76
FLIR T540 $22,995 ex gst Yes 5.0 hrs <30-40mk 464×348 14,24 or 42deg 0.90mm 2.7mm Adds Rotating lens and more pixels and more features, similar to E86
FLIR T560 *NEW 2021* $28,995 ex gst Yes 6.0 hrs <30-40mk 640×480 14,24 or 42deg 0.68mm 2.1mm Adds more pixels HIGH RESOLUTION, Smaller Spot size 1500C, 1-8x zoom
FLIR T840 $27,495 ex gst Yes 6.0 hrs <30-40mk 464×348 14,24 or 42deg 0.90mm 2.7mm Adds VIEWFINDER to T540 model